The Key-Value Storage

Quite often an extension needs a storage to keep its data - for example, user settings or secret keys. To access the Plesk key-value storage, use the pm_Settings interface. Keys and values are stored in the context of an extension.

If you need to assign a variable, use pm_Settings::set. For example:

pm_Settings::set('authToken', $authToken);

Now you can retrieve the value of this variable by pm_Settings::get. For example:

pm_Settings::get('authToken', $authToken);

To obtain access to them in some places of code, initialize the context first:


It is mandatory to initialize the context in the following places in code:

  • Scheduled tasks.
  • Post- and Pre- installation scripts.
  • Event handlers.
Key-value Cleaning

Starting with Plesk 12.5, it is possible to clear the extension settings using the pm_Settings::clean method. You can use it to add a "Reset to default" button to the UI of your extension.


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