Generic Sample Configuration File

# For custom panel, specify "custom" source type
source-type: custom
# We're migrating to Plesk, so specify "plesk" as target type
target-type: plesk
# We have single Unix server, specify configuration file's section name
# where we are going to describe the server
sources: myserver
# We have 1 MySQL database server
db-servers: mysql1
# Settings of target Plesk panel
# Specify IP address of your Plesk panel server
# We have Unixserver, so specify "windows" there
os: unix
# Settings of source server
# Specify location of hosting description file, created on the previous step
hosting-description: hosting-description.yaml
# Specify IP address of the source Windows server
# We have Unix server, so specify "windows" there
os: unix
# Specify password of super user (root) on the source server
ssh-password: setup
# Settings of source MySQL server
# Type: specify 'mysql' for MySQL
type: mysql
# MySQL server's hostname or IP address
# MySQL server's port
port: 3306
# MySQL administrator's login
login: admin
# MySQL administrator's password
password: setup

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