Managing Your Profile

Your account in Plesk stores your access credentials and contact information such as email, address, and phone number. Depending on how you subscribed to a Plesk reseller plan, you can choose your username and password yourself or receive them from your hosting provider. To change your account password, click the Change Password link in the navigation pane. Your username can only be changed by your provider. If you forget your password and cannot log in to Plesk, click the Forgot Your Password? link on the login page. Then enter your username and the email specified in your contact information into the corresponding fields. When you fill in this information, Plesk will send your password to the specified email address.

If the contact details in your profile require updating, or you want to add or remove some of them, click the Profile link in the navigation pane or the link with your name at the top of the page and Plesk will take you to a page where you can manage the details.


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