Viewing Subscription Summary

When you subscribe to hosting services, a user account is created in Plesk to allow you to manage your websites and mailboxes on your own.

You can view the following information about your account:

  • Current subscriptions to service plans.

    You can be subscribed to a number of service plans at once, and, therefore, can have several subscriptions associated with your account.

  • Allocated and consumed resources.
  • Hosting features available for your websites.
  • Operations you can perform in your Plesk.

To view the information about your account and your current subscriptions:

  1. Go to Account.
  2. To view resources, hosting options, or permissions, open the corresponding tab:
    • To view a list of allocated and consumed resources, click the Resources tab.
    • To view a list of hosting features available for your account, click the Hosting Options tab.
    • To view a list of operations that you can perform in your Hosting Panel, click the Permissions tab.


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