If you want to prevent your customers from using certain modules in the editor, you can make them unavailable. Unavailable modules are not visible in the editor, and therefore are not accessible to customers.

During restoration of a website from a snapshot, the modules that you make unavailable, and their content, are not restored. The user is notified that the snapshot contains unavailable or unsupported functionality, and is prompted to choose whether to restore the rest of the site, or cancel restoration.

When a new website based on a website topic is opened in the editor, the modules that are unavailable are not added to the site.

To remove modules from the editor:

  1. On the hosting server, open the configuration file /usr/local/sb/config.

  2. In the [general] section of the file, add the following line:

    hidden_widgets = <module's code name 1>, <module's code name 2>

    Where <module's code name 1> and <module's code name 2> are code names of the modules, separated by a comma.

  3. Save the file.

The following is a list of codes for all modules in Presence Builder 11.

Module’s name in the editor Module’s code name
Embedded Video video
Image Gallery imagegallery
Image Slider slider
Blog blog
Online Store and Shopping Cart eshop
Commenting commenting
Contact Form contact
Social Sharing sharethis
Advertisement advertisement
Map map
Search search
Navigation navigation
Breadcrumbs breadcrumbs
Site Logo siteLogo
Script script