You can switch from an existing IP address on your Plesk-managed server to a newly created IP address or to another existing address.

During life-time of a Plesk installation, you may need to replace IP addresses used for hosting with other IP addresses. Replacing all old IP addresses with new ones may be necessary when moving a Plesk server onto a new network. More often, you may need to introduce more subtle changes in your server’s IP address pool. For example, you may need to free up one or more IP addresses currently used for hosting on the server. This will allow you to use the addresses for other purposes or to eliminate them from the server’s IP pool altogether.

Every time you replace an IP address with a new one on a Plesk server, you need to reconfigure Plesk and various services to use the new IP address instead of the replaced one.

You can switch from one IP address to another and automatically reconfigure Plesk and all hosting services on the server to use the new address by using the Change Server IP Addresses option in the Reconfigurator utility.

Note: By using this feature, you can only replace one IP address with another. You cannot migrate a group of select domains from one or more IP addresses to a new IP address.

To change from one IP address on a Plesk-managed server to another, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Plesk-managed server as a user with administrator rights by using Remote Desktop.

  2. In the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Plesk > Plesk Reconfigurator. The Reconfigurator application window opens.

  3. Select the Change server IP addresses option. The IP Addresses Reconfiguring window opens.

  4. Under Select the IP addresses to be changed, select the checkboxes corresponding to the IP addresses that you want to change to other IP addresses.

    To view the list of domains hosted on particular IP address, click the IP address entry to highlight it. The list of hosted domains using the highlighted IP address is displayed in a window to the right.

  5. Map each selected to an IP address of your choice.

    1. To map a selected address, click on the selected address entry. The entry is highlighted.
    2. Select the address to map to:
      • To map to an existing IP address, select Existing Address option and then select an existing address entry. The entry information is displayed in the Mapping Information column for the selected IP address entry under Select the IP addresses to be changed.
      • To map to a new IP address that will be created during mapping, select Create New IP address option and then enter the IP address, network mask, and network interface name. The entry information is displayed in the Mapping Information column for the selected IP address entry under Select the IP addresses to be changed.
  6. Click Next.

    Plesk installation is reconfigured to use the newly specified IP addresses in place of the old ones. All relevant records in the Plesk’s database are updated, network adapters settings are changed accordingly (the old IP addresses are removed), FTP and web servers are reconfigured accordingly, DNS records are updated accordingly.

Note: If changing IP address fails during execution, all changes are rolled back. When connected to the server through the Remote Desktop connection, a change of your server’s IP address will terminate your session.