To avoid excessive usage of bandwidth, and protect your site from Denial Of Service attacks, you can limit bandwidth usage for a site and limit the number of simultaneous connections.

Note: To enable users to limit bandwidth, make sure that QoS Packet Scheduler is working in your system.

To limit bandwidth usage and number of connections to a site:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains and find the site’s domain name.

  2. Click Bandwidth Limiting.

    Note: This command is available only if your hosting provider has turned on the support for bandwidth limiting.

  3. Select the Switch on bandwidth limiting checkbox.

  4. In the Maximum bandwidth usage (KB/S) box, specify the maximum speed, measured in kilobytes per second, that a website can share among all its connections.

  5. Select the Switch on connections limiting checkbox.

  6. In the Connections limited to box, specify the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the site.

  7. Click OK.