This guide describes how to transfer hosted content to Plesk Obsidian using Plesk Migrator. It is intended for hosting administrators who perform migration to servers managed via Plesk.

Supported Source Hosting Platforms

Plesk Migrator supports migration from the following source platforms:

  • Particular versions of Plesk for Linux and Plesk for Windows: 8.6, 9.5, 10.4, 11.0, 11.5, 12.0, 12.5, 17.0, 17.5, 17.8.
  • cPanel 11.5
  • Confixx 3.3
  • Helm 3.2
  • Plesk Expand 2.3.2
  • Parallels Pro Control Panel for Linux 10.3.6
  • DirectAdmin 1.51 (when migrating from DirectAdmin installed on Ubuntu 10.x, only custom migration is supported)

What Data Are Transferred

Plesk Migrator transfers service plans, subscriptions with all associated domains, and websites with content (such as files, mail, databases, and so on). Reseller and customer accounts that do not have any domains are not transferred. The settings of Plesk services, such as installed PHP handlers, Fail2Ban settings, ModSecurity settings, firewall settings, and so on are not transferred.

Note: You cannot choose to migrate individual domains. Only individual subscriptions can be chosen for migration, and they are migrated together with all associated domains.