This section describes known issues and limitations of Plesk Migrator.

General known issues and limitations

  • When migrating from Plesk 8 to Plesk 12 or later, a customer may find that a control or feature that was available to him or her on the source server is no longer available on the destination server. Due to a new permission model, certain permissions can be revoked because they depend on a different permission. For example, a customer may become unable to manage web statistics if the “Hosting settings management“ permission is not granted.
  • On Windows, MySQL/MariaDB stored procedures are not migrated for some older MySQL/MariaDB versions (specifically, MySQL/MariaDB 5.1).
  • After migration, domains owned by a subscription that has been previously migrated and then suspended cannot be enabled.
  • Migration from Plesk on FreeBSD is not supported.
  • Migration from Parallels Small Business Panel is not supported. Use custom migration instead.
  • On Windows, custom error documents configured for a virtual directory pointing to the document root of a web site are not migrated.
  • Mail settings and content configured on the subdomain level are not migrated.
  • Server-wide settings, such as “PHP settings” located in “Tools & Settings”, are not transferred during migration.

Migration from Expand

  • Additional users and additional roles from centralized mail servers are not migrated.
  • Expand service templates are not migrated.
  • Unix to Windows migration for centralized services is not supported.

Migration from cPanel

  • After migration, access to PostgreSQL databases is granted only to the main database user.
  • After migration, mail clients using encrypted passwords can connect to mailboxes only after changing to plain passwords.
  • Migration fails if the Apache web server works under a user other than ‘apache’. To avoid this, check the Apache configuration, find the user under which the Apache process is running, create the user ‘apache’ with the same UID, and restart the migration.
  • If a domain alias name contains certain symbols not accepted by Plesk but accepted by cPanel (for example, ‘_’), such alias fails to migrate.

Migration from Confixx

  • After migration, mail clients using encrypted passwords can connect to mailboxes only after changing to plain passwords.
  • Users with passwords containing umlauts or other special characters (quotes, white spaces, or national alphabet characters) will not be able to log in to Plesk after migration.
  • Personal user data that do not conform to the Plesk format or are not recorded in Plesk are not migrated.
  • During migration, “slash” characters are removed from user phone numbers.
  • Domains with single-word names are renamed during migration.
  • SSL certicates are migrated but not automatically installed on the corresponding domains after the migration.
  • SpamAssassin settings unsupported by Plesk are not migrated. Only the following settings are migrated: what to do with spam mail, score, message subject, white list, black list.
  • The permission to transfer files to the server over SCP or SFTP is not migrated.