Downgrades an existing key in a requested way.


Method name: partner10.downgradeKey.


# Type Description
1 struct AuthInfo requesting party authentication information
2 string number of a key
3 string name of the upgrade plan to remove


Field Type Description
resultCode int code for command execution result (see below)
resultDesc string textual description of command execution result (see below)
keyNumber string number of the downgraded key

Result Codes

resultCode resultDesc
100 Feature “<feature name>” has been successfully removed from key <key number>
101 Feature “<feature name 1>” has been successfully replaced by “<feature name 2>” for key <key number>
110 Key does not have <feature name> on it.
200 Client authorization failed
201 Access to this method is denied
202 Access to this object is denied
220 Key <key number> is not found
221 License key <key number> is marked as problem
222 License key <key number> is terminated
260 No <upgrade plan name> entry in the client’s price list
263 Key cannot be downgraded from default feature
266 This downgrade is not acceptable
287 Failed to complete remote operation with product <product family>
289 Downgrade of base KeyType is not supported
300 Internal exception with problem description
400 Incorrect authorization info format
410 Incorrect key number format: “<key number>
416 Unknown feature: <feature name>
452 Incorrect object type for this operation