Detailed general purpose key information, used in return values.

Field Data Type Description
clientId integer Client unique ID
keyNumber string Key number. The key pattern is PLSK.XXXXXXXX.XXXX
keyType string Full key type name
apiKeyType string String identifier for this keytype in Partner API (or “N/A” if not found)
type string Type of the key (must be one of the MAIN, ADDITIONAL, FEATURE, MASTER, or UNKNOWN)
expirationDate dateTime.iso8601 Key expiration date (technical)
updateDate dateTime.iso8601 Key update date. Absent if there is no update date for key.
productKey string Product activation code. If there is no product activation code for the license - will absent.
overridingKeyNumber string The number of the key that overrides the current key. The overriding key must be used instead of the current key.
createDate dateTime.iso8601 Key creation date.
terminated boolean Determines if this key was terminated.
lastReportingDate dateTime.iso8601

Time when usage information was received from this key.

This field will be omitted if no usage report was received from this key .

lastReportingIp string

A set of IP-addresses on the host, where this key was installed during last usage report.

This field will be omitted if no usage report was received from this key.

additionalKeys array(KeyDetails) Information about additional keys.
features array( FeatureDetails) Information about installed features.
properties struct( Properties) Information about key properties.
susAndSupportInfo array(struct SusAndSupportInfo) Collection of descriptions for installed SUS and/or support features on given key.
billingType string License type. It can be ‘’PURCHASE”, “LEASE” or “N/A”
activated boolean If key is activated then “true”, if not activated “false”, if doesn’t support activation then this field absent.
guid string Generalized UID, which is a URL for Aps keys. If keys doesn’t support activation by UID, then this field absent. If key is activated by UID then value of UID, or empty if not activated by UID.
boundIPAddress string IP address, to which key is bound. IP address in IP4 format. Or empty if key not bound to any IP address.
productFamily string Product Family’s alias, to which a Key is corresponding .
problem boolean Key problem indicator.
parentKeyNumber string A number of a parent key in the XXXXXXXX.XXXX format (key prefix - PLSK|VZ|SB etc.). This parameter is omitted when a key has no parent key.
productConfigurationId string Product configuration ID.