Key Administrator Partner API 3.0 is a new generation of Partner API that allows easy and straightforward integration of partners’ business automation systems with the Plesk’s licensing system to purchase and resell licenses for Plesk and third-party products.

If you were using Partner API 1.0, consider a number of advantages that Partner API 3.0 has over Partner API 1.0:

  • It is based on modern technology.
  • It offers higher performance and scalability, which allows the usage of methods that were unavailable in Partner API 1.0 due to its performance limitations, such as retrieving the list of all license keys of the customer’s account.
  • Partner API 3.0 constants are designed to better match the SKUs in your contract - in most cases there is exact matching.
  • Straightforward license key upgrades and downgrades where the caller needs to specify just the target state of the license key. (With Partner API 1.0, the caller needs to know the API constant identifying a particular upgrade/downgrade path).
  • Each license key item has an additional optional field (external ID) that can be used to maintain the link with an external billing subscription.

Note: Partner API 3.0 can operate on the license keys created via Partner API 1.0. Please note that Partner API 3.0 uses a different set of Partner API 3.0 constants and does not support Partner API 1.0 constants.


The Key Administrator Partner API 3.0 is based on JSON queries over a REST endpoint. See Technology for details.

Access Points

Partner API 3.0 endpoint is available via HTTPS at the following URL:

For testing purposes use the following URL:

Note that it is mandatory to use BASIC HTTP authentication.

Note: Partner API account is a special type of account used solely to access Partner API. Such type of account can not be used to log into KA or KAPC. And vice versa: your account for logging into KA or KAPC (Client’s or Reseller’s) can not be used to access Partner API. If you have a login in Partner API 1.0, you can use it for logging on to Partner API 3.0. Make sure that your Partner API account has the permissions to call Partner API 3.0 methods.