The Home tab displays statistics on your licenses. If you have customer accounts associated with your account, the Home tab displays statistics on licenses of the current customer.

The Licenses over Time graph shows how the number of your active licenses has changed over time.

Bar charts (such as Licenses by Platform) show how many licenses (as a percentage of the total number of your licenses) have a certain attribute (such as the type of a supported platform - dedicated server, virtual machine, or container).

To see the exact percentage of licenses that have a certain attribute, point to the bar that corresponds to this attribute.

To view which licenses have a certain attribute, click the corresponding bar on the corresponding bar chart. For example, to view the licenses for virtual machine platforms, click the bar next to Virtual machine on the Licenses by Platform chart. The Manage Licenses tab will open and display the list of licenses for the virtual machine platform.

Note: Currently, the Licenses over Time graph and bar charts illustrate statistics only on Plesk licenses.

The Licenses by Plesk Version chart shows the latest released version (in green) and versions that are no longer fully supported (in red). To learn more about Plesk products life cycle, go to Plesk Lifecycle Policy.