You can create user accounts in Partner Central if you have the corresponding permissions.

Resellers can create subordinate resellers, resellers’ operators, customers, and customers’ operators. Customers can only create subordinate operator accounts (customers’ operators).

Note: Accounts created in Partner Central do not have access to Key Administrator.

How to create accounts if you are a reseller:

  1. On the Accounts tab, click Create New Account and select the account type. The window for creating a new account opens.

  2. In the Parent account box, select the parent account or leave the automatically selected account, if any.

    Note: If you first open some account (by clicking it in the list of accounts), and then click Create New Account, the parent account will be selected automatically and appear in the Parent account box. The automatically selected parent account type depends on the account being created and on the previously opened user account.

  3. Fill in the form and click OK. Note that you can add more information about the new account later.

    To continue editing the account information, click the account name in the list of accounts, and use the Edit link in each section that supports editing.

How to create accounts if you are a customer:

On the Accounts tab, click Create New Operator and fill in the form. Your account will become the parent account for this operator.

Deleting Accounts

You can delete other user accounts if your account has the appropriate permissions. An accounts can be deleted if no licenses are associated with it.

To delete an account, go to the account details page (Accounts > click the account’s Name) and click Delete Account.