Google Login

The Google Login extension allows you and your customers to log in to Plesk with your Google Account for added convenience. This does not take away the ability to log in with the Plesk username and password.

The following Plesk users can log in to Plesk with their Google accounts:

  • Administrators
  • Resellers
  • Customers
  • Additional users (for example, application user, webmaster, and so on)

To enable logging in to Plesk with a Google account:

  1. Install the Google Login extension.
  2. Make sure that the email address in your Plesk profile matches the Google Account email you will use to log in to Plesk.

Now you can log in to Plesk with your Google Account. To do so, click the Google Login icon and sign in to the desired Google Account.


The first time you sign in to Plesk using Google Login, you will be asked to click a link to send the Google Sign-In authorization data to Plesk. To avoid having to click the link in the future, select the “Do not show next time (auto-confirmation). We will use cookies to store the data in your browser.” checkbox.

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