Event Tracking

The Event Manager is designed to help you organize data interchange between Plesk and external systems. It works the following way:

  1. Create a script to be executed upon a certain control panel event: Shell script file for Linux or batch file for Windows.
  2. Create an event handler that triggers the event processing. You can process a single event by a number of different handlers.
  3. Assign your script to the event handler.

Every event has a number of event parameters that are passed by the handler whenever the corresponding event occurs. For example, the Customer account created handler can pass the customer's contact name, username, password, and more. You can use these parameters in the script called by the handler - this is explained in more detail with examples in the Adding Event Handlers (Linux) and Adding Event Handlers (Windows) topics.

Note: Plesk allows non-ASCII characters for domain names (Punycode domains). Parameters for event handlers are passed as Unicode strings (in UTF-16 encoding). Script files of event handlers receive valid Unicode strings as input arguments. During execution of a script, when you are trying to do something with these strings, they are converted to a current console code page. If the current console code page cannot display a symbol from the Unicode string, it will be converted to the '?' symbol. In order that the parameters are processed properly, they have to be converted by your event handler to the proper encoding needed inside the handler. You can change the current code page using the chcp command. Refer to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490874.aspx for details.

Note for users of Linux: The server administrator can create the event handlers that will be run on the server on behalf of user root. If you wish to restrict usage of the root account, create an empty file with name root.event_handler.lock in the location /plesk_installation_directory/var/.

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