Plesk Updates and Upgrades

Plesk is constantly evolving in terms of functionality, and new security enhancements are introduced with each update. To ensure that your Plesk software is up-to-date, we recommend that you switch on automatic updates.
There is also the option to upgrade Plesk to the latest versions. While updates include some minor fixes for Plesk, upgrades introduce more complex changes in product functionality.

The information about the current Plesk version and available updates and upgrades is always displayed in the System Overview group of the Home page.

Plesk Versioning

The full Plesk version identifier consists of a number of fields. For example, the identifier Plesk 10.3.0 Update #12 General release appears as follows.

Version number Update Release tier
Major Major Minor





General release

Information about how updates and upgrades affect these fields is provided next in this section. 

Note: By default, Plesk updates and upgrades are downloaded from the official update server. Learn how to install updates and upgrades from other locations in the section Changing the Updates/Upgrades Source.

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Plesk Updates

Plesk Upgrades

Changing the Updates/Upgrades Source

Reporting Upgrade Problems