Configuring Backup Settings for Remote SQL Servers

If you want to back up databases hosted on a remote Microsoft SQL Server that you registered in Plesk earlier, you need to configure the database backup settings for that Microsoft SQL Server.

To configure backup settings for a remote Microsoft SQL Server:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Database Servers and click the required remote Microsoft SQL Server name.
  2. Specify the temporary physical directory for the remote SQL Server in the Temporary directory field. For example, C:\db_pleskbackup.

    This temporary physical directory is required for backing up and restoring remote SQL Server databases: SQL Server places temporary backup files in this directory during backup, and Plesk places temporary backup files in this directory during restoration. You must create this directory on the remote server and make it accessible by the MS SQL server to read and write.

  3. Share the physical directory created in the previous step and specify the network path to this directory in the Temporary network directory field. For example, \\ServerName\db_pleskbackup.

    The Plesk server will use this directory to download and upload the temporary backup files. You must create the network directory on the remote server, mount it to a temporary physical directory created in the previous step, and make it accessible over network by the user created in the next step.

  4. Create a user on the remote server (for example ServerName\db_backup_user) and give this user read/write access to the temporary network directory.

    The Plesk server will use this user to access the temporary directory.

  5. Specify the user name and password required for accessing the temporary network directory.
  6. Click OK.

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