Customizing Object Security Settings in Plesk

The preferred way to customize Windows object security settings is by adding new or modifying existing Entry elements in a disk security metadata file (for disk security) or in a hosting security metadata file instance corresponding to the hosting account that is authorized to access and manage the hosted objects (for hosting security). To learn why other customization options are not recommended, see Administering Object Security on Plesk-managed Server. For detailed description of the Entry element contents, see General Security Metadata Structure. For step-by-step instructions on modifying the disk security metadata file, see Customizing Disk Security. For step-by-step instructions on modifying the hosting security metadata files, see Customizing Hosting Security.

Warning: Before making any changes to the security metadata, make a backup copy of the metadata file that you want to modify. For information why backing up security metadata files before modifying them is a good idea, see the sections Customizing Disk Security and Customizing Hosting Security.

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