Preparing a Service for Registration

To prepare a service for registration with Plesk Notifications, create a PHP file containing a class that implements interface Plan_Item_Interface and put the file into a directory available to Plesk. The directory must have a unique name and reside in /PRODUCT_ROOT_D/admin/plib/, where PRODUCT_ROOT_D is the installation directory of Plesk.

When designing names of the class that implements the interface and the file that includes this class, follow Zend naming conventions. For example, if you create a directory /PRODUCT_ROOT_D/admin/plib/servicedir and put there file servicefile.php, then the class name must be servicedir_servicefile. To learn more about the naming conventions, see

We offer a sample class you can use as a base when writing own classes to help you with the implementation. The code is supplemented by comments that explain the interface organization.

To view the code, click the following link: code sample.


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