Managing APS Catalog and Applications

Operator: <aps>

XML Schema: aps.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 10.0 and later for Linux, Plesk 10.0 and later for Windows

XML API version: and higher

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator


APS Catalog is a Web service which provides access to a large amount of Web applications developed by various vendors and packaged in the APS format by various packagers. The Plesk integration with APS Catalog allows to easily install the applications and working with them in Plesk.

Supported operations


  • DOWNLOAD-PACKAGE downloads an application package from the APS Catalog
  • GET-DOWNLOAD-STATUS retrieves the status of a package download task
  • IMPORT-PACKAGE imports to Plesk an application package uploaded to the server
  • GET-PACKAGES-LIST retrieves information on application packages available for installation on webspaces/subdomains
  • INSTALL installs an application on a webspace/subdomain
  • IMPORT-CONFIG imports a custom list (configuration file) of APS Catalogs to Plesk
  • SET-PACKAGE-PROPERTIES displays or hides the package from customers and resellers when they view Applications Catalog
  • GET-PACKAGES-LIST-BY-RESELLER retrieves information on application packages installed on a reseller account
  • GET-PACKAGES-LIST-BY-WEBSPACE retrieves information on application packages installed on a webspace

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