Managing IP Addresses

Operator: <ip>

XML Schema: ip_input.xsd, ip_output.xsd

Plesk version: all versions

XML API version: all versions

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator, resellers (they can only retrieve a list of their IP addresses)


The ip operator is used to manage IP addresses available on the Plesk's server. In Plesk, IP addresses can be shared or exclusive. Exclusive IP address can be assigned to a single customer, while shared IP address can be shared among several customer accounts. SSL protection with authentic digital certificates and Anonymous FTP services are available only to sites hosted on exclusive IP addresses.


Supported operations

  • ADD adds an IP address to Plesk server as shared or exclusive, specifying a netmask and server network interface
  • GET retrieves the list of IP addresses available on the server
  • SET updates properties for IP addresses available on the server
  • DEL removes an IP address from Plesk server


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