Node set/gen_setup

This node is used in the set request packets to set the general information for the specified sites. It is defined by data type setSiteGenSetupType(site.xsd). The gen_setup node is structured as follows:

  • The status, optional

    It is used to set the current status of the specified site. Data type: objectStatus (plesk_common.xsd). Allowed values: 0 (active) | 8 (web service for the site is suspended by Administrator) | 16 (disabled by the Administrator) | 32 (disabled by Reseller) | 64 (disabled by a customer).

  • The name, optional

    It is used to modify the site name. Data type: string.

  • The guid, optional

    If specified, the new GUID is assigned to the site. For details on GUIDs, refer to the GUIDs Overview section. Data type: boolean.

  •  The description, optional

    It specifies a description for the site. Data type: string.

The following packet demonstrates how the general information can be set:

          <description>My website</description>