keyinfo.exe: License Key Properties

The keyinfo.exe utility allows viewing license key properties and checking if a given key can be applied to a particular Plesk version.




keyinfo.exe <command> [<param>]


The following command checks if a license key stored in C:\tmp\server.key is valid for the current Plesk version:

keyinfo.exe -test-key C:\tmp\server.key
Command Parameter Description Example

--info or -i


Displays the value of a key property.

To display information on availability of shell access:

keyinfo.exe --info key_shell


>ip_pool.exe -i key_shell

--list or -l


Lists key properties and values.

To print the list of key properties and values:

keyinfo.exe --list


keyinfo.exe -l

--test-key or -t


Checks if a key is valid for the current Plesk version.

To test the license key from c:\tmp\server.key:

keyinfo.exe -test-key C:\tmp\server.key


keyinfo.exe -t C:\tmp\server.key

--help or -h


Displays help on the use of the utility.

To view help on the use of this utility:

keyinfo.exe --help


keyinfo.exe -h



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