To view properties of a reseller plan, go to Service Plans > select a plan at the Reseller Plans tab.

Properties of a reseller plan are grouped as follows:

  • Resources

    Includes policy on overusing and overselling of resources, the number of customer accounts a reseller can create, system resources like disk space and traffic, and service resources like websites, subdomains, mailboxes, databases, and so on.

  • Permissions

    Reseller permissions either denote the operations available to a reseller in Plesk, or define which services and privileges can be enabled in the service subscriptions of the reseller’s customers. If a particular permission in a reseller subscription is Off, then a service subscription will not provide the corresponding service or a privilege. A disabled permission also means that a reseller is prohibited to perform the designated action in Customer Panel. For example, if a reseller subscription does not provide a privilege to use Scheduler (Scheduler management is Off), then none of the reseller’s subscribers will be able to use it, and neither will the reseller themselves when they go to the Customer Panel.

  • IP addresses

    Defines IP addresses that will be allocated to resellers. It is important that a reseller has at least one IP address allocated to them, otherwise, they will not be able to create a single service subscription.

  • Applications Enables you to select the applications that will be available to subscribers.