Conflict descriptions returned by the pleskrestore utility contain message elements included for GUI generation purposes. Despite the self-explanatory character of XML conflict descriptions, the values of the message elements may be confusing, so this section describes the meanings of these messages as they are displayed in Plesk GUI.

Value of message element Message displayed in Plesk GUI
backup__restore__object_vhost Virtual host
backup__restore__object_plesk_admin server administrator
backup__restore__conflict_object_name <object name>
backup__restore__conflict_object_complex_name <object name> of <group name>
backup__restore__conflict_object_mailname <mail name>@<domain name>
backup__restore__object_ftpuser FTP account
backup__restore__object_webuser web user
backup__restore__object_domain subscription name or domain name
backup__restore__object_subdomain subdomain
backup__restore__object_domainalias domain alias
backup__restore__object_client customer
backup__restore__object_reseller reseller
backup__restore__object_autoresponder auto-reply
backup__restore__object_mailalias mail alias
backup__restore__object_database database
backup__restore__object_mailname mail account
backup__restore__conflict_timing_reason_owner_absent Cannot restore object: object owner is not specified
backup__restore__conflict_timing_reason_wrong_owner Cannot restore object: object owner does not exist in Plesk
backup__restore__conflict_timing_reason_object_already_exists Cannot restore <object name>: <object name> <object type> already exists in Plesk
backup__restore__conflict_configuration_reason_ip Cannot restore object: required IP address <IP> not found in owner’s IP pool
backup__restore__conflict_configuration_reason_db Cannot restore database: required database server <host> is not registered in Plesk
backup__restore__conflict_configuration_reason_site_app Cannot restore web application: required web application <application name> not found in owner’s web application pool
backup__restore__conflict_unique_reason_name_already_used Cannot restore <object>: name <unique resource name> is already used in Plesk by another <object>
backup__restore__conflict_resource_usage_reason Cannot restore object: resource limit <limit name> will be exceeded (required: <value>, available: <value>)