To enable your customers to submit technical support requests from the Presence Builder editor, you can add to the editor a button with the label Support. The button will be placed in the editor’s toolbar, in the Help menu.

To add the button:

  1. On the hosting server, open the configuration file /usr/local/sb/config.

  2. In the [help] section of the file, add the following line:

    support_url = <URL>

    Where <URL> is the address of your online support help desk or a support forum. For example:

    The value that you specify as support _url may contain the following placeholders:

    • %%LOCALE%% - 4-letter code of the locale currently set in the editor, for example, en-US or ru-RU.
    • %%VERSION%% - full Presence Builder version, for example, 11.1.0.
    • %%SITE_UUID%% - website ID.

    For example:

    If a user views the Presence Builder 11.1 editor in English, and clicks the Support link, the link will be transformed to

  3. Save the file.