Plesk provides GUI access to the current security settings of Windows objects that it manages. You can browse and modify hosted objects security settings through Customer Panel. User account permissions on hosted objects can be viewed and edited by any Plesk user authorized to access hosted objects through Plesk.

Note: Security settings for some critical folders on hosting accounts are not allowed to be changed through Plesk to prevent potential security problems or website malfunction that may be caused by inadvertent user interference with the security settings.

For example, to browse the user permissions for the /httpdocs directory on domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Customer Panel as the customer who owns domain

  2. Go to the Websites & Domains tab > File Manager. The list of files and directories located in the domain root directory is displayed.

  3. Click the image 75290 icon corresponding to the /httpdocs directory > Change Permissions. The list of Windows user accounts is displayed on the left under Group or user names. By default, the upper entry in the user account list is highlighted. On the right, the access permissions for the highlighted user account are displayed.

  4. Click on the user account or user group name in the list to view the assigned permissions.

    Note: To view the advanced security settings, click Advanced.