We suppose that you have prepared the Plan_Item_Interface implementation and want to register your service with Plesk Notifications. To perform the registration, create an arbitrary PHP file, for example, register.php, and paste the code given below into the file. Substitute servicedir_servicefile with your class name throughout the code. When ready, run the code by using one of these shell commands:

  • On Linux, run /usr/local/psa/bin/sw-engine-pleskrun register.php
  • On Windows, run %plesk_bin%\php register.php

Note: We suppose that Plesk is installed to the default installation directory. If you use a custom directory, please update the paths correspondingly.

To view the register.php code, click the following link: code sample.

If it is impossible for you to run the PHP code, you can register the service directly by running this MySQL/MariaDB statement customized to your class.


The definition of the parameters that present in the statement is as follows:

  • classname, string

    The name of the class that contains the interface implementation.

  • name, string

    The unique name of the service.

  • applicableToEmail, boolean (0,1)

    This parameter subscribes the service to email accounts changes. Alternatively, you can specify applicableToSite or applicableToSubscription to receive notifications about changes in Plesk’s subscriptions and sites.

  • uuid, string

    The service identifier.