This document addresses the basic needs of the following groups:

  • Plesk administrators who wish to automate routine operations. In this document, they will find alternatives to the GUI-based approach in Plesk management.
  • Integrators who build their application into Plesk or set up interactions between Plesk and third-party software. In this document, they will learn how to manipulate Plesk objects and views, and handle Plesk events.


This document is an overview of all the available interfaces Plesk reveals to third parties. It explains which technologies to use to carry out all types of typical interaction tasks (such as creation of objects, handling events, building your own controls into the GUI, etc.). From this document, you will learn conceptual details about each integration interface, see examples of them in use, and receive references to documents that contain more specific details. The whole list of all integration and automation capabilities available in Plesk is provided in the chapter: Integration and Automation Capabilities.

We would like readers to consider this document as a starting point in using Plesk integration capabilities. The document does not provide extensive details, complex case studies, and working code samples. For such information, refer to the interface-specific documentation: