This chapter lists XML API XML schemas that define the format of messages sent to and received from Plesk API operators.

To view a schema, click a link next to the required operator.

An entry point to the input XML schemas is agent_input.xsd. This file references all lower-level input schemas available. An entry point to the output XML schemas is agent_output.xsd. This file references all lower-level output schemas available. Interactive schema navigators are available at

The current protocol version supports operations on the following Plesk objects:

APS aps aps.xsd Administrator
Certificate operations certificate certificate_input.xsd, certificate_output.xsd Administrator
Customer operations customer client_input.xsd, client_output.xsd, plesk_client.xsd Administrator, Reseller
Database server operations db_server database_input.xsd, database_output.xsd, plesk_db.xsd Administrator
Descriptor structure - descriptor.xsd Administrator, Reseller, Customer
DNS operations dns dns_input.xsd, dns_output.xsd, plesk_dns.xsd Administrator
Event Logging event_log



Localization operations locale locale.xsd Administrator
Log rotation operations log-rotation logrotation.xsd Administrator
Additional FTP account operations ftp-user ftpuser.xsd Administrator, Reseller, Customer
IP operations ip ip_input.xsd, ip_output.xsd Administrator
Mail operations mail mail_input.xsd, mail_output.xsd, plesk_mailname.xsd Administrator
Protected directory operations protected_dir protected_dir.xsd Administrator, Customer
Reseller operations reseller reseller.xsd Administrator
Reseller plan operations reseller-plan reseller_template.xsd Administrator
Secret key operations secret_key secret_key_input.xsd, secret_key_output.xsd, plesk_secretkeys.xsd Administrator
Server operations server server_input.xsd, server_output.xsd, plesk_server.xsd Administrator
Session management operations session session.xsd Administrator
Service plan operations service-plan domain_template.xsd Administrator, Reseller
Service plan addon operations service-plan-addon domain_addon_template.xsd Administrator, Reseller
Site operations site site.xsd Administrator, Reseller, Customer
SiteApp operations siteapp plesk_siteapp.xsd Administrator
Domain alias operations site-alias domainalias_input.xsd, domainalias_output.xsd, plesk_domainalias.xsd Administrator, Reseller, Customer
Subdomain operations subdomain subdomain.xsd Administrator, Reseller, Customer
User interface operations ui ui_input.xsd, ui_output.xsd, plesk_custom_button.xsd Administrator
Upload upload upload_output.xsd Administrator
Operations with additional users of a subscription user user.xsd Administrator, Reseller, Customer
Virtual directory operations virtdir virtdir.xsd Administrator
Domain operations webspace domain_input.xsd, domain_output.xsd, plesk_domain.xsd




Simple and commonly used types are provided in schemas common.xsd and plesk_common.xsd.