This chapter tells about the Plesk extension structure and the tools that Plesk provides for extensions development and management.

How to Create and Install Extensions

A ready for distribution extension is a ZIP archive which contains a specifically-organized directory structure and a file with meta information describing the software. The main steps of extension creation and installation are described in How to Create and Install Extensions.

Extensions Management Utility

The extension command-line utility enables you to manage extensions through the command-line interface, including installation or removing of extensions, packing the source files of an extension into a ZIP archive ready for distribution, and generating an extension template. Learn more in Extensions Management Utility.

API Stubs

Plesk Extensions API stubs is a set of files with all classes definitions and methods prototypes, but without implementation of these methods. You can use API stubs for quicker development. Learn more in API Stubs.

Extensions Reference

The complete list of Plesk API tools that an extension can use can be found in the Reference document.