An extension’s functions can be provided to its users for free or at a cost. This section explains the different options available to the extension developer when choosing how to charge money for their product.

When designing an extension, you need to choose between implementing custom licensing and billing mechanisms for their extension, and making use of a complete licensing infrastructure provided by Plesk specifically for extension developers.

Custom implementation is possible, but it is unnecessary. Plesk enables extension developers to use its own Key Administrator tool to manage software licenses for their extensions. These licenses can then be sold through the Plesk Online Store. Making use of these tools saves a lot of time and effort. But there is more:

  • Plesk has a lot of resellers whose infrastructure is integrated with Key Administrator. It will be easier for them to resell products that also use Key Administrator for licensing.
  • It is easier for our numerous partners to purchase everything in one place rather than going to different places for a specific item.
  • The single model of purchasing things is familiar and comfortable for the users.
  • Plesk handles the billing by processing all payments, currency conversion and certain country-specific taxes.
  • Plesk helps with advertising products licensed through us.

Considering all of the above, it is highly recommended that all extension developers take advantage of the licensing tools that Plesk provides. The following topics describe the different ways an extension can be sold and the implementation details.