To retrieve data about Plesk user, use the pm_Client class.

The pm_Client class represents a Plesk user account. This class supports retrieving information about a user either by their ID or by their username:

Alternatively, the entire list of all users can be retrieved:

pm_Client also lets you identify a user’s account type: administrator, reseller, or customer:

The next method lets you retrieve any user information from the clients table in the Plesk database psa:

Finally, the following methods check for assigned permissions:

Storing and Retrieving User-specific Data

It is possible to store and retrieve arbitrary data for a specific user. The following methods add new data records, retrieve existing data and remove records that are no longer needed:

Note: These serve as a key-value storage for a specific user.

Example: Retrieving information about the user

$client = pm_Client::getByClientId($id);
echo "Hello, {$client->getProperty('login')}";
if ($client->isAdmin()) {
    echo "You are admin";
} elseif ($client->isReseller()) {
    echo "You are reseller";
} elseif ($client->isClient()) {
    echo "You are customer";

Example: Retrieving user ID by username

$client = pm_Client::getByLogin($login);
echo "Your ID is {$client->getId()}";