The following table contains names and descriptions of $new_values and $old_values entries keys.

Key Type Description
ability_to_manage_spamfilter boolean Ability to manage spam filters
ability_to_manage_virusfilter boolean Ability to manage antivirus
ability_to_use_remote_xml_interface boolean Ability to use XML API protocol
ability_to_use_standard_interface boolean Ability to use Service Provider View (“standard”) for the control panel interface
address string Address (user data)
allow_multiple_sessions boolean Ability to have several simultaneous sessions in the control panel for Plesk user
anonymous_ftp_management boolean Ability to have an FTP directory where all web users could download and upload files without the need to enter login and password.
antivirus string Name of the antivirus used by a mail account
apache_asp_support boolean Ability to run ASP scripts
apache_error_documents boolean Ability to customize HTML pages with standard error messages (404 error, 500 error, etc.).
asp_net_support boolean Ability to run ASP.NET applications on the server
backup_restore_functions_use_ftp_repository boolean Flag indicating that backups are stored in a FTP repository
backup_restore_functions_use_local_repository boolean Flag indicating that backups are stored in the local repository
cgi_support boolean Ability to run CGI scripts on the server
city string Form field City
company_name string Company name (user data)
contact_name string Contact name (user data)
country string Country (user data)
cp_access boolean Ability to log in to Plesk control panel
crontab_management boolean Ability to schedule tasks on behalf of user “root” for Plesk users
database_id integer Database ID
database_name string Database name
database_server string Database server host name or IP address
database_user_name string Login of a database administrator
database_user_password string Password of a database administrator
directory string Directory where site application is located
dns boolean Flag, indicating that domain alias DNS zone is synchronized with the primary domain zone
dns_zone_management boolean Ability to manage DNS zone on for Plesk users
domain_alias_name string Domain alias name
domain_aliases_management boolean Ability to manage domain aliases
domain_creation boolean Ability to set up hosting accounts for new sites
domain_id integer Domain ID
domain_name string Domain name
domain_type string Flag indicating whether a site application will be installed on a domain or on a sub-domain. Allowed values: domain, sub-domain
email string Email address (user data)
expiration_date string Expiration date
fax string Fax number (user data)
forwarding_type string Forwarding type (Frame forwarding or Standard forwarding).
fp_admin_login string FTP server login
fp_admin_password string FTP server password
fp_authorization boolean Flag, indicating that authorization is required
fp_ssl_support boolean Ability to use SSL/TLS
fp_support boolean Ability to use FTP server
hard_disk_quota integer Amount of space on a hard drive available for Plesk user
hard_disk_quota_assignment boolean Ability to assign hard disk space quotas to Plesk users
installation_prefix   Directory (relative to document root of a vhost), to which the web application is installed
interface string Network interface
interface_language string Control panel locale name
interface_skin string Control panel skin name
ip_address string IP address
ipv6_address string IPv6 address
ip_mask string IP address mask
ip_type string IP address type (shared or dedicated)
license string License text
license_name string License name
license_type string License type
limits_adjustment boolean Ability to adjust Plesk user limits
log_rotation_management boolean Ability to manage log rotation
login_name string Login name
mail boolean Ability to redirect mail from a domain alias to the original domain
mail_alias boolean Ability to create mail aliases
mail_list_enabled boolean Flag indicating that mailing list is enabled
mail_list_name string Mailing list name
mailing_lists_management boolean Ability to manage mailing lists
mailname string Mail account name
manage_ftp_password boolean Ability to manage FTP password
maximum_databases integer Maximum databases limit
maximum_disk_space integer Maximum disk space limit
maximum_domain aliases integer Maximum domain aliases limit
maximum_domains integer Maximum domains limit
maximum_mail_autoresponders integer Maximum number of autoresponders
maximum_mail_groups integer Maximum mail groups limit
maximum_mail_lists integer Maximum number of mailing lists
maximum_mail_redirects integer Maximum mail redirects limit
maximum_mailbox_quota integer Maximum hard disk space allocated for a mailbox limit
maximum_mailboxes integer Maximum number of mailboxes limit
maximum_subdomains integer Maximum subdomains limit
maximum_tomcat_web_applications integer Maximum tomcat applications limit
maximum_traffic integer Maximum traffic limit
maximum_webusers integer Maximum web users limit
mod_fastcgi_support boolean Ability to support FastCGI protocol
mod_perl_support boolean Ability to support Perl scripts
mod_python_support boolean Ability to support python srcipts
non_chrooted_shell_management boolean Ability to use shell (without root-level access)
mod_perl_support boolean Ability to support Perl scripts
package_name string Site application name
password string Password
phone string Phone (user data)
php_safe_mode_management boolean Ability to make PHP operate in safe mode with functional restrictions
php_support boolean Ability to support PHP scripts
physical_hosting_management boolean Ability to manage physical hosting settings
plesk_component_name boolean Name of Plesk component
postal_zip_code string ZIP code (user data)
retain_traffic_statistics string Defines how long the statistics are stored on the server
scheduler_management boolean Ability to schedule tasks in the system
service string Service name
session_idle_time string Session idle time
ssi_support boolean Ability to support SSI
ssl_support boolean Ability to support SSL/TLS
state_province string State or province (user data)
status string Status of Plesk user (enabled or disabled)
subdomain_name string Subdomain name
subdomains_management boolean Ability to manage subdomains
system_access_management boolean Ability to manage system shell access
system_shell boolean Ability to access system shell on the server
system_user   Login of FTP user on a domain or a sub-domain with physical hosting, or web user
system_user_password   Password of FTP user on a domain or a sub-domain with physical hosting, or web user
system_user_type   Type of a sub-domain user. The user credentials can be inherited from domain user, or can be defined separately.
template_admin integer Service plan ID
tomcat boolean Ability to redirect Java applications from a domain alias to the Tomcat server on a primary domain
upgrade_to_release string Release number
upgrade_to_version string Version number
url string URL to which web users are forwarded
web sting Ability to redirect web content from a domain alias to the original domain
web_applications_management boolean Ability to manage web applications
web_statistics string Tool that analyzes statistics (Webalizer or AWStats)
web_statistics_management boolean Ability to manage web statistics
webuser_name string Web user name
webuser_password string Web user password
www_prefix boolean Ability to access the site by a URL like