pm_Hook_Backup Interface for backup and restore hooks
pm_Hook_Interface Generic interface for hooks


pm_ActionLog Wrapper for ActionLog.
pm_ApiCli Gateway for execution of CLI utilities
pm_ApiRpc Wrapper to simplify execution of API-RPC calls inside modules
pm_Application Class for initialization Plesk renderers
pm_Bootstrap Class for initialization Plesk objects
pm_Client Panel client wrapper
pm_Config Configuration settings reader (panel.ini settings)
pm_Context Define module constants and setup context
pm_Controller_Action Abstract class for all extensions controllers
pm_Domain Domain wrapper
pm_Exception Exception raised in case of modules API problems
pm_Exception_InvalidArgumentException Exception raised in case of invalid arguments passed in SDK methods
pm_Exception_ResultException Exception raised in case of non-zero exit code of utilities
pm_FileManager Manager of hosted files for module (webspace level).
pm_FileManager_Action Content action for FileManager
pm_Form_Simple Base form
pm_Form_SubForm Sub Form
pm_Hook_ActionLog Hook for registering events
pm_Hook_ActiveList Abstract class for injection into active lists
pm_Hook_ApiCli Hook for processing remote API-CLI requests
pm_Hook_ApiRpc Hook for processing remote API-RPC requests
pm_Hook_Applications Hook for applications
pm_Hook_Auth Custom authentication mechanism
pm_Hook_Backup_Client Hook for backing up and restoring clients
pm_Hook_Backup_Domain Hook for backing up and restoring domains
pm_Hook_Backup_Server Hook for backing up and restoring the server configuration
pm_Hook_ConfigDefaults Hook for extension config defaults (panel.ini settings)
pm_Hook_ContentInclude Abstract class for content injection into Plesk pages
pm_Hook_CustomButtons Hook for custom buttons embedding
pm_Hook_Form Abstract class for injection into form
pm_Hook_ForwardedApiCli Hook for interception of API-CLI execution
pm_Hook_ForwardedApiRpc Hook for interception of API-RPC execution
pm_Hook_Limits Hook for registering limits
pm_Hook_LoginContentInclude Abstract class for content injection into login page
pm_Hook_LongTasks Hook for registering long tasks
pm_Hook_Navigation Hook for navigation embedding
pm_Hook_Notifications Hook for Notifications
pm_Hook_Permissions Hook for registering permissions
pm_Hook_PlanItems Hook for additional plan items
pm_Hook_SimpleList Abstract class for injection into list
pm_Hook_Supervisor Abstract class for supervisor control of other hooks
pm_Hook_SystemServices Hook for registering services provided by extension
pm_Hook_WebServer Abstract class for injection into web servers config
pm_License Panel license keys management class
pm_Loader Code classes autoloader
pm_Locale Localization facilities
pm_Log Class pm_Log Intended to log various data.
pm_LongTask_Manager Manager of long tasks.
pm_LongTask_Task Long task object
pm_Navigation_OverviewPage Base class for object's overview pages
pm_Navigation_Page Base class for Zend_Navigation_Page pages
pm_Notification Notification manager
pm_Plan Service Plan wrapper
pm_ProductInfo Plesk options / info
pm_Promo_AdminHome Promo block for admin home page
pm_Promo_CustomerHome Promo block for customer (on Websites&Domains page)
pm_Promo_Home Promo block for admin home page. This class is deprecated in favor to pm_Promo_AdminHome.
pm_Scheduler Manager of regular tasks for module.
pm_Scheduler_Task Regular task representation.
pm_ServerFileManager Manager of files on server level.
pm_Session Representation of panel session
pm_Settings Manager of module settings
pm_SystemService_Service Service provided by extension
pm_View_Helper_ActiveList Helper for rendering active list
pm_View_Helper_BaseUrl Helper for prepending URL with base URL
pm_View_Helper_DomainOverviewUrl Helper for building URL to Domain Overview page
pm_View_Helper_Lmsg Helper for translating messages
pm_View_Helper_RenderList Helper for rendering list in view
pm_View_Helper_RenderSmallTools Helper for rendering small buttons in view
pm_View_Helper_RenderTabs Helper for rendering tabs in view
pm_View_Helper_RenderTools Helper for rendering big buttons in view
pm_View_List_Simple Base list
pm_View_Status Status messages helper
pm_WebServer Web server manager