Cloning is used to create a number of licenses that have the same configuration as an existing license (the source license). The cloning operation is supported for licenses of any type (except Master) and in any status (Active, Terminated, Suspended, Expired, Expiring Soon).

Note: If your account has customers assigned to it, then be careful when selecting a customer when you clone licenses: Cloned licenses are always created for the current customer, even if the selected source license does not belong to the current customer.

To clone a license:

  1. Go to the Manage Licenses tab and click the license number. Depending on the license, different cloning operations are available in the Clone menu.

  2. To clone a license quickly, choose Clone or Clone > Clone (Simple), and specify the number of copies to create. This command is displayed for any type of license.

  3. To associate the created licenses with IP addresses of servers where Plesk is installed, choose Clone > Clone and Bind to IP Address. This command is displayed only if the selected source license is for Plesk product.

    Specify one or more IP addresses - enter each address on a new line. For each IP address, the system will create a new license and bind it to the IP address.

    Later, the Plesk administrator should use the Retrieve Keys command (in Tools & Settings > License Information) to install the license automatically to a Plesk server based on the server’s IP address.

  4. If the product cannot connect to Plesk licensing servers or does not support activation with an activation code, choose Clone > Clone and Activate. This command is displayed only if the source license supports activation by HWID, PAHWID or VDI_ID.

    Specify one or more activation strings (HWID, PAHWID or VDI_ID) - enter each string on a new line. For each activation string, the system will create a new license and activate the license with the activation string.