To upgrade a license can be cheaper than to purchase a new license. When you upgrade a license, you have the following options:

  • Upgrade a license to a newer version of your product.
  • Add, remove, or upgrade features of your currently installed product version.
  • Add additional licenses to your license.

Note: You can upgrade to the latest version of the product, add new features and buy additional licenses in a single upgrade operation.

To upgrade a license:

  1. Go to the Manage Licenses tab and click the license number.

  2. In the menu, click Upgrade. The license upgrade wizard opens the feature list.

    In the feature list, you can prepare your order - upgrade a license, add features to a license, and order additional licenses.

  3. To upgrade the license:

    1. Click the Upgrade Key icon (image 78200.gif) in the Action column.
    2. Select the required upgrade plan by clicking the icon (image 78175.gif) in the Add column. The name and price of the selected upgrade plan appears in the feature list.
  4. To upgrade the product’s features:

    1. Select the features by clicking the Add icon (image 78176.gif) in the Action column.

      You can purchase several features at once. To do this, select the required features one by one and wait until the page is reloaded.

      The selected features appear in the feature list marked with an asterisk (image 78177.gif).

    2. To exclude a selected feature, click the Delete icon (image 78178.gif) in the Actions column.

  5. To order additional licenses, select them in the list of additional licenses under the feature list.

  6. Click Next to continue.

  7. Review your order.

    1. To modify your order, click Edit Order.

    2. To confirm your order, select the option I have read, understood and accept all license agreements and click Confirm.

      To read the license agreement, click the Read license icon (image 78179.gif) in the Actions column.

  8. To add a comment about the license, type the comment into the Notes box.

    The comment will be displayed later on the license information page.

  9. To receive your upgraded licenses by email, select the Get Keys By E-mail option.

    Change your email address if required, and select the delivery type: All Keys in One E-mail (archive, zipped) or Each Key in Separate E-mail.

    To include the notes you entered in the previous step, select the Include notes to e-mail option. Click Next to continue.

  10. Click Submit to complete the upgrade and Close to exit the wizard.