Account Hierarchy

Generally, user accounts in Partner Central can be ordered according to the following hierarchy of user types:

Reseller / Customer / Customer’s Operator.

Operator accounts are not obligatory. Operators cannot have subordinate accounts:

If there is more than one reseller, the hierarchy may look as follows:

Reseller1 / Reseller2 / Customer / Customer’s Operator.

The Path to an Account

When you view an account, you can see the path to it (Path) and its parent account (Parent account). This information depends on the current user’s position in the hierarchical structure. The path displays all levels from the current user to the viewed account except the direct parent of the viewed account.


In the system, the Operator account is at the end of the following hierarchy of users: Reseller1 / Reseller2 / Reseller3 / Reseller4 / Customer / Operator.

If the user Reseller2 views details of the account Operator, then the Path and Parent account have the following values:

  • Path: Reseller3 / Reseller4
  • Parent account: Customer