To find specific accounts, specify your own search query in the search box above the list of accounts. The easiest way to do this is to type some value - such searching is performed against customer’s name and email (see The “value” Notation).

For more specific searching, use attributes, such as a user’s phone number or city, as filters in your search query (see The “parameter:value” Notation).

You can specify multiple parameters in a single search query (see Searching by Several Parameters). Also, you can specify several values of one parameter (see The “parameter:value” Notation).

Note: The search operation is case-insensitive.

The “value” Notation

You just type the value you want to search for. For example, to search for accounts that contain “John”, type the following search query:


A user is displayed in search results if the specified value is found in either of the fields:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Login
  • Alias (legacy Key Administrator login)

A search value can contain space, parentheses, hyphen, double quotation marks, or other characters. If your search query contains only such a value, you do not need to put this value into quotation marks. Otherwise use double quotation marks. Examples:

John Smith
reseller:"John Smith"

The “parameter:value” Notation

Use the “parameter:value” notation to filter accounts by a certain attribute (parameter).

Note: For the list of all parameters and usage examples, see Parameters for Account Search.

To search for the accounts that do not have specific values, add a minus sign (“-“) before the corresponding parameter:



-type:(customer, co) parent:"john gordon"

It finds accounts that are subordinate to any account that has “john gordon” in its name, and are of any type except customer and customer’s operator.

If a value contains space, parentheses, hyphen, or double quotation marks, put such a value into double quotation marks. For example:

address:"Green st, 12"

This rule also applies to the “value” notation if your search query has parameters both in “parameter:value” and “value” notations (see also Searching by Several Parameters).

Use a backslash before any double quotation mark that is part of the searched value.

Searching by Several Parameters

To include several search criteria in your search query, separate the criteria by using space. Accounts that satisfy all the specified parameters will be found.

For example, to find customers or operator accounts that are subordinate to the reseller PA and have John Smith in their names, type the following query:

reseller:PA "john smith"