To adjust the PHP settings, go to Service Plans > select a plan > PHP Settings tab. On this tab you can do the following:

  • Define the PHP version (PHP version) and handler type to use (run PHP as). This setting is only available on the service plan level.

  • Configure a range of predefined PHP settings. These settings are mostly performance and security-related, but some of them may affect the website functionality. Click the image 75147 icon next to an option to learn more about it.

  • Configure any PHP settings by placing them in the Additional directives section. Use the same syntax as you use for php.ini. For example, if you want to automatically load the mSQL extension, add the line:

    Note: Administrator can set additional PHP directives to a particular subscription. In this case, the subscription does not get the Locked status. Therefore, the added directives and other changes in PHP settings can be lost when the subscription is synchronized with the service plan.