In the unfortunate event that you encounter an issue with Plesk or one of its services, you may need to contact the technical support team to resolve it. In most cases, the investigation will require information contained in one of the server’s many log files. Unless this information is supplied at the time of the ticket creation, it is likely that the support team will get back to you requesting specific logs for investigation. Delays resulting from the back and forth between you and the technical team handling the case may become significant, which impacts service levels and customer satisfaction.

To avoid this delay, you can generate a technical report before contacting the support team. The technical report contains all the necessary logs and other information relevant for troubleshooting and is uploaded to the Plesk servers. This helps to make sure that the support team has all the necessary information right from the beginning of the case and significantly cuts down on the issue resolution time.

Note: The technical report does not contain any private data, only technical information.

To generate a technical report, go to Tools & Settings > Support (in the Plesk group). Select the Generate a technical report before contacting support. (recommended) option and click Next. Once the report has been generated, click Send Report. You have the option to view the contents of the report before sending it - to do so, click download. After the report has been uploaded to the Plesk servers, you are given the unique ID of your technical report. Click Contact Support to submit a support ticket, and be sure to specify the report ID when describing the issue.

If you need to generate a technical report but the Plesk panel is unavailable, you can generate the report using the command line. Log in to the server via SSH or RDP and run the following commands:

# plesk bin report --collect

This command generates the report and places it in the /usr/local/psa/var/reports/collected/ directory. You can check the report’s contents if you wish. To send the report to support, run the following command:

# plesk bin report --send= <the name of the generated report>

If you do not want to see the report before sending it, you can run the following command:

# plesk bin report --send

This will generate a report and send it immediately.