Managing Plesk Server

Operator: <server>

XML Schema: plesk_server.xsd, server_input.xsd, server_output.xsd

Plesk version: all versions

XML API version: all versions

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator


The server operator is designed for performing various operations on logical objects existing on the server level:

  • XML API protocol
  • Plesk license
  • Plesk Administrator
  • Server services
  • Server statistics

Supported operations


  • GET_PROTOS gets XML API protocol versions supported on the server.
  • GET gets various information on server configuration, Plesk Administrator data and settings, license key, general Plesk configuration, Plesk services and statistics.
  • SET changes Administrator’s password and personal information and settings, configures server traffic statistics, user's session settings, and configures outgoing anti-spam settings.
  • SRV_MAN starts, stops, and restarts Plesk server services.
  • LIC_INSTALL installs Plesk license key.
  • INITIAL_SETUP configures Plesk server for the first time.
  • GET_ADDITIONAL_KEY retrieves license keys for Plesk add-ons.
  • CREATE_SESSION creates a session token that can be used for automatic logging on to the Plesk UI.
  • SET-PPB-CONNECTION sets up connection with the Plesk Billing service.
  • REBOOT reboots the server.
  • LICENSE-ROLLBACK-KEY reverts to the previously used Plesk license key.
  • LICENSE-RETRIEVE-KEYS installs all additional license keys linked to the Plesk license key.
  • CLEAN-MAIL-QUEUE deletes all messages from the mail queue.
  • ADD-ADMIN-ALIAS creates an additional administrator account
  • SET-ADMIN-ALIAS changes settings of an additional administrator account
  • DEL-ADMIN-ALIAS deletes an additional administrator account

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