Operator: <protected-dir>. .

XML Schema: protected_dir.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk Onyx 17.5 and later

XML API version: and later

Plesk user: Administrator, customer


For storing sensitive data, you can create password-protected directories within subscriptions on physical hosting. It is possible to create such directories under either a standard virtual host accessible via HTTP protocol, or if applicable for a given particular subscription, under an SSL/TLS virtual host accessible via HTTPs protocol.

 Supported operations

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  • ADD creates a protected directory
  • SET changes protected directory properties
  • DELETE removes a protected directory
  • ADD-USER creates a new protected directory user
  • SET-USER changes protected directory user preferences
  • DELETE-USER removes a protected directory user
  • GET retrieves information about a protected directory
  • GET-USER retrieves information about a protected directory user
  • GET-PD-LOCATION-DESCRIPTOR retrieves a protected directory descriptor