1. Perform initial server setup

    Use the init_conf utility with --init command to provide the information required for initializing the server. This information contains:

    • Plesk Administrator’s personal information,
    • New Plesk Administrator’s password instead of the default one generated during installation,
    • Full host name (optional).

    For the details and examples of how to perform initial server setup using CLI, see:

  2. Install product license key

    Use the license utility to install a product license key as well as additional license keys to the server.

    For details and examples of how to install license keys using CLI, see:

The following operations are not required for the post-install configuration of Plesk, but they may be useful to further configure Plesk for your production environment.

Define Plesk View

Use the poweruser utility to switch between Plesk interface views.

For details and examples on switching Plesk interface views, see:

The purpose and the differences of the Service Provider View and the Power User View are described here: The Plesk GUI.

Set Default Locale

Use admin --update -locale to set a specific language as default for Plesk GUI.

For details and examples on configuring administrator’s interface preferences, see:

Example 1: Performing initial server setup

The following command sets the default IP address to and sets its type to shared; sets the network mask to and the network interface name to eth0 for the default IP address; adds shared IP addresses and to Plesk ; sets the Plesk administrator’s name to John Doe and the administrator’s password to adminpass; sets the administrator’s phone number to 555-5555, fax number to 333-3333, and email address to admin@example.com; sets the administrator’s company name to Megacompany Inc., street address to 45 Trail street, city to New York, ZIP code to 10292, and country to United States.

plesk bin init_conf --init -default-ip -netmask -iface eth0 -ip-type shared -hostname example.com -shared_ips add:, -name "John Doe" -passwd mypass -phone 555-5555 -fax 333-3333 -email admin@example.com -company "Megacompany Inc." -address "45 Trail street" -city "New York" -zip 10292 -country US -state NY

Example 2: Installing a license key

The following command installs an additional license key:

plesk bin license -i AB1C23-4DEF56-7GHI89-JK1L23-MNP456 -additional-key true