Appendix A: Properties of Hosting Plans and Subscriptions

To view properties of a hosting plan, go to Service Plans > select a hosting plan at the Hosting Plans tab.

To view properties of a subscription, go to Subscriptions > select a subscription > click Customize under Account in the right sidebar.

Properties of a hosting plan and subscription are grouped as follows:

  • Resources

    These are hosting resources provided with a plan. Includes validity period, policy on overusing resources, system resources like disk space and traffic, and service resources like websites, subdomains, mailboxes, databases and so on. For example, the Domains resource sets the number of domains that a customer can register and manage in Plesk.

  • Permissions

    Includes provided services and privileges.

    Note: Some permissions prevent settings of the following services from syncing. See the details in the Permissions section.

  • Hosting Parameters

    Includes parameters of the provided hosting service.

  • PHP Settings

    Includes the customizable PHP settings.

  • Web Server (service plan only)

    Includes web server configuration settings that are applied to newly created domains.

  • Mail (service plan only)

    Includes parameters of the provided mail service including limits on outgoing email messages.

    Note: For subscriptions, the limits on outgoing email messages are found in Subscriptions > select a subscription > Change Outgoing Mail Limit on the right toolbar.

  • DNS (service plan only)

    Specifies if the DNS zones of the subscription's domains should be master or slave.

    Note: In case the DNS zone management privilege is provided, this parameter is not synced, and subscribers can set up this parameter on a per-domain basis.

  • Performance (service plan only)

    Includes parameters that affect performance of all services provided with the plan.

  • Logs & Statistics (service plan only)

    Includes the settings of how statistics and logs of a plan's subscriptions should be stored. Note that these settings are not synced between a plan and subscriptions. See Logs & Statistics for details on how to change some of these settings for subscriptions.

  • Applications
    Lets you select which applications should be available to subscribers.

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Visibility of Hosting Features in the Customer Panel



Hosting Parameters

Web Server (Apache)




Logs and Statistics


Additional Services


Visibility of Hosting Features in the Customer Panel

Since version 10.4, Plesk hides from customers those hosting features that are not provided in their subscription. The visibility of GUI elements responsible for a certain feature is determined by permissions and resource limits of a subscription. Note that when you (as the administrator) log in to the customer's Customer Panel, you see GUI elements regardless of customer's permissions. The table below explains GUI visibility logic.


Visible to a Customer Visible to the Administrator
Resource Limit > 0



Resource Limit > 0



Resource Limit = 0



Resource Limit = 0



For example, when the number of Domains in a subscription is 10 and the Domains management permission is off, a customer does not see the Add Domain button in the Customer Panel. Nevertheless, this button is available to the administrator that logs in to the customer's Customer Panel.

Resources Without Numerical Limits

If the resource type is logical or in other words, it can be just switched on or off (such as scripting language support), its visibility is controlled by a certain permission only. For example, if the Hosting settings management permission is granted, a customer is able to toggle the support of various scripting languages for their site. If the permission is not granted, the customer sees the list of languages that are switched on for their site in the read only mode. The disabled languages are not shown in the list.