Operator: <locale>.

XML Schema: locale.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 12.0 and later

XML API version: and later

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator


A subset of Plesk user’s environment adjusted to a particular language is called locale. On the implementation level, a particular locale is represented by the corresponding language pack (LP). Language pack is an installable file containing resource files. The files are associative arrays structured like “key => value”. The locale operator is used to manage LP’s and to localize messages wrapped in object descriptors. For information on descriptors, refer to the Descriptors Overview section.

Supported operations

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  • GET retrieves info on the language packs installed on Plesk server
  • GET-MESSAGE retrieves the message specified by a key from resource files of the language pack
  • ENABLE enables the language pack on the server
  • DISABLE disables the language pack on the server