Operator: <service-plan>

XML Schema: domain_template.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 10 and later

XML API version: and later

Plesk user: Administrator, reseller


Service plans are hosting configuration presets which are useful when it is necessary to create multiple subscriptions with identical hosting/mail settings, limits, and other preferences.

Note: When you update plan settings, all the associated unlocked subscriptions are automatically updated.


Service plans contain various settings that are inherited by plan subscriptions. These settings are as follows:

  • Hosting settings
  • Mail service settings
  • Limits on the use of Plesk resources
  • Preferences
  • Permissions
  • Log rotation settings
  • Performance settings
  • PHP and web server settings

Refer to the Service Plan Settings section for details.

Supported operations

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  • ADD creates a service plan
  • GET gets the information on the specified service plans
  • DEL deletes the specified service plans
  • SET updates settings for the specified service plan
  • ADD-PACKAGE includes an app in the specified service plan
  • REMOVE-PACKAGE excludes an app from the specified service plan
  • ENABLE-APS-FILTER excludes all apps from the specified service plan
  • DISABLE-APS-FILTER includes all apps in the specified service plan
  • ADD-PLAN-ITEM adds custom options of service plans (additional services) to the specified service plan
  • REMOVE-PLAN-ITEM removes custom options of service plans (additional services) from the specified service plan
  • GET-LIMIT-DESCRIPTOR retrieves service plan limit descriptor
  • GET-PERMISSION-DESCRIPTOR retrieves service plan permission descriptor
  • GET-PHYSICAL-HOSTING-DESCRIPTOR retrieves descriptor of hosting settings
  • DB_SERVERS manages the list of database servers available to the plan subscribers
  • DUPLICATE creates a copy of the specified service plan