Operator: <webspace>

XML Schema: domain_input.xsd, domain_output.xsd, plesk_domain.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 10.0 and later

XML API version: and later

Plesk user: Administrator, reseller, customer


Subscriptions can be owned by a customer, reseller, or the Administrator. The operations over these subscriptions and their settings are available through this operator.


Administrator can request any information about any subscription registered in Plesk. Resellers can request information on their own subscriptions and their customers’ subscriptions. Customers can get information on their own subscriptions only.

Customers cannot apply filtering by subscription owners. However, they are able to use blank filters to retrieve information about all their subscriptions in a single operation.

When you customize subscription settings, the subscription becomes locked, which means that plan settings updates are not applied for such subscriptions. However, you can roll back custom subscriptions to original state defined by a plan by issuing a request to sync these subscriptions.

The settings of subscriptions are as follows:

  • General account information
  • Hosting settings
  • Limits on use of Plesk resources
  • Disk usage settings
  • Subscription statistics settings
  • Subscription preferences
  • Performance settings

For details, refer to the Subscription Settings section.

In the Plesk’s UI, you manage your subscriptions through buttons that are associated with management operations. For example, Mail Settings, File Manager, etc. This operator lets you get the list of all such buttons and their settings.

Supported operations

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  • ADD creates a subscription and sets general information, hosting settings, limits, preferences
  • GET retrieves information on subscriptions from Plesk database
  • SET updates subscription settings in Plesk database
  • DEL removes subscriptions from Plesk database
  • CFORM_BUTTONS_LIST retrieves list of buttons displayed on the subscription
  • GET_TRAFFIC retrieves information on traffic spent by the site(s) between two dates
  • SET_TRAFFIC sets information on traffic spent by the specified sites(s)
  • GET-LIMIT-DESCRIPTOR retrieves descriptor of limits
  • GET-PERMISSION-DESCRIPTOR retrieves descriptor of permissions
  • GET-PHYSICAL-HOSTING-DESCRIPTOR retrieves descriptor of hosting settings
  • SWITCH-SUBSCRIPTION switches a subscription to a different service plan
  • SYNC-SUBSCRIPTION rolls back to settings defined by associated service plan
  • ADD-SUBSCRIPTION adds a add-on plan to a subscription
  • REMOVE-SUBSCRIPTION detaches an add-on plan from a subscription
  • ADD-PACKAGE adds an application to the specified subscription
  • REMOVE-PACKAGE removes an application from the specified subscription
  • ADD-PLAN-ITEM adds custom options of service plans (additional services) to the specified subscription
  • REMOVE-PLAN-ITEM removes custom options of service plans (additional services) from the specified subscription
  • ENABLE-APS-FILTER turns on applications list for specified subscriptions and makes available only added applications, by default all applications are available
  • DISABLE-APS-FILTER turns off applications list for specified subscriptions and makes available all applications
  • DB_SERVERS manages the list of database servers available within the specified subscription