The std_fwd node is used to specify standard forwarding for sites within a subscription. When the user goes to a site on which the standard forwarding is set, Plesk redirects this user from the requested URL to the destination URL. This is done explicitly: the user sees the real ‘destination’ address in the path bar of the browser.

The std_fwd node is structured as follows:

image 68422

  • The dest_url node is required. It specifies the URL to which the user will be redirected explicitly at the attempt to visit the specified site. Data type: forwardingUrl (string, 1 to 255 characters long, spaces not allowed).
  • The ip_address node is required. It specifies IP addresses associated with the site. You can provide either one ip_address node for the site’s IPv4 or IPv6 address or two such nodes for both of them. Data type: ip_address (common.xsd).

The following sample packet specifies standard forwarding for a new site: